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Activities to do in the city of Esmeraldas.

Esmeraldas or also known as San Mateo de las Esmeraldas, is known as the largest and most populated city in the Province of Esmeraldas and head of the homonymous canton. In addition, the city has become one of the main tourist destinations in Ecuador, thanks to its beautiful beaches and natural abundance.

Another highlight of the city is the wide range of unmissable cuisine. The popular restaurants and dining rooms delight visitors with the preparation of delicious ceviches, rice, sangos, casseroles, sweets and ancestral drinks. There are also the encocao or tapao fish, the "ensumacao", seafood soup with secret ingredients; native dishes of the city.

Now, one of the best activities to do in Esmeraldas is the celebration of festivities. Among the best known are:

  • Christmas

  • Holy Week

  • Faithful Departed

  • The days of some Popular Saints "San Antonio"

  • La Virgen del Carmen

  • La Virgen de la Merced

  • La Virgen de las Lajas

Finally, we leave you a list of the best beaches you can find on your visit to Esmeraldas:

  • Playa de Las Palmas.

  • Playas De Chilapaysandu

  • Isla Portet

  • Cotacachi-Cayapas

  • Playa de Atacames

  • Playa Tonsupa

  • Playa Cumilinche

  • Playa Mompiche

  • Tonsupa Beach

You already have a whole itinerary of places and activities to do in Esmeraldas. Come with family, friends or partner and discover the magic of Ecuador.

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