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Activities to do in the city of Guayaquil.

Together with Quito, Guayaquil has become one of the favorite tourist destinations of foreigners thanks to its wide tourist, gastronomic and cultural offer. Likewise, it has become one of the favorite cities to establish indefinitely permanence in Ecuador.

One of the tourist attractions of the city of Guayaquil, is that it is known as the gateway to the beaches of the Pacific and the Galapagos Islands, is also the cradle of the river Guayas, on which stretches the malecon Simón Bolívar, where the monument La Rotonda is. Additionally, it is one of the main port cities of Ecuador.

Now, to the north of the city you will find the neighborhood Las Peñas, which is full of colorful houses and gives life to the whole area. During your tour you will find a variety of art galleries that reach Santa Ana Hill where is the chapel of Santa Ana, a lighthouse dressed in white and turquoise blue and unforgettable views of the city.

Continuing with your tour, we cannot ignore the local cuisine. In Guayaquil you can taste dishes such as:

  • Caldo de Manguera.

  • Rice with stew and roast meat.

  • Fish encebollado.

  • Dried goat.

  • Lentil moros with meat.

  • Guatita

Finally, we leave you a summary of other activities and places you can find in the city:

  • Visit the Metropolitan Cathedral of Guayaquil.

  • Tour the Iguanas Park.

  • Go to the Clock Tower.

  • Take the best photos in the colonial buildings.

You already have a whole itinerary of places and activities to do in Guayaquil. Come with family, friends or partner and discover the magic of Ecuador.

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