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Consultants and the importance of their role in the LARM family.

Moving can be a daunting task. It’s not just about packing your belongings and unpacking at the other end. Planning, logistics, arrangements and decisions can make an international relocation seem very overwhelming. Getting an expert to help manage some of the details can mean getting rid of a lot of weight in your mind and that’s where a relocation consultant comes into play.

The importance of a consultant goes beyond a simple accompaniment to the family that is being relocated, since it is the person who helps eliminate stress from this whole process. It’s very easy to forget the details when you’re relocating your life and that’s why it’s a relief to know that someone else is managing logistics.

An expert consultant has to provide personalized assistance in every movement that the family requires in the country of destination, that is, is the person who is going to be involved in every step as it is to find a house that meets your needs in a new community, finding a suitable school according to their beliefs, providing information on safety, health, customs, procurement of public services, common practices of the local real estate market, always offering tips how to where the nearest dry cleaners are located to the best way to get to the homeoffice.

Consultants have to be experts and possess the gift of human relationships because it takes a lot of experience in dealing with people and a lot of patience and constant attention to understand what the needs and priorities of each family are. This means that while for a family the most important thing is to find the perfect school, for others the most important thing can be to find housing very close to the workplace.

The role of a consultant, has to be above all things, make sure the move is as easy and pleasant as possible for all family members, More than offering dynamic and proactive solutions for the rapid integration of the employee and his family in the new destination.

Finally, and to finish at LARM Ecuador we are convinced that offering effective information and advice, we can turn the relocation process into an enriching experience.

LARM, your home away from home!


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