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Furniture lease.

At LARM we have learned to know the aspects that generate greater uncertainty both to the transferred professional and his family, but we have also found that there are some activities of the process that generate emotion and require the participation of all members of the family nucleus. We’re talking about decorating the new home.

From the moment you begin to make the tours to the properties, each member of the family begins to draw in his mind as you want to see his new environment, What colors for the walls do you want? , Which furniture go better? , How to locate them in the best way? , etc... Also, many of them take this change as an opportunity to renew everything, so it starts an important task that is the purchase or rental of furniture.

At LARM we recommend renting furniture as the best option for families, especially for those in which the allocation will be for 1 year or less because economically it is a more viable option and they will not have to worry about carrying more things when they return to the country of origin or the country of their new transfer. Other reasons why we recommend renting furniture are:

• They also suit your style and budget.

• The delivery process is faster and avoids setbacks.

• It is the most economical, accessible and temporary option, without compromising.

• Some services offer to have your new home ready and furnished before you arrive, so you can adapt quickly.

Finally, you will have permanent accompaniment during the purchase or rent of furniture according to your needs, thanks to our program of support services and definitive orientation, because we want to be the ally you need from beginning to end.

Your home away from!

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