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Global Mobility: A contribution from LARM Ecuador.

The majority of the people and companies are unaware of this type of modality, perhaps, due to the lack of knowledge as they mostly think it is complicated and expensive, for this is why they don’t see the necessary to make an international transfer of its human talent, so they don’t give themselves the opportunity learn more about the topic.

The Global Mobility consist of the international integration of human talented capable to cover new markets, develop new projects, homogenize process, exchange information, etc., as you may see it is very essential to bear in mind several aspects, once we submerge in this great adventure that will enrich everyone:

  • Migratory regulations

  • Protection policies for the Covid-19 “Duty of care

  • Fiscal year

  • Financial control

  • HHRR internal management policies and standards

  • Labor contract and social security specific for each country

Taking into account the aforementioned, it is important to plan ahead, analyze and organize the processes in order to comply with all the legal requirements to avoid any type of risk and sanctions that the specific country may bring.

Currently the global mobility industry has been affect to the point that the international transfers has decreased and, not precisely due to the Covid-19 contingency, but also because of the geopolitical tensions and risks that may arise in each country caused by the continuous changes in the biosafety regulations and border closures.

For this reason and many more, it is vital to protect the employee in mission, which is why it is necessary for the companies to restructure both economically and their internal process to implement the international transfers.

Remember that LARM Colombia is the global mobility expert and together we can support you to build your global mobility policy. For more information go to our communication channels for more information.

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