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Global Mobility Industry Outlook Ecuador.

Actualizado: 16 feb 2021

Working at LARM Ecuador gives us the opportunity to know through our Transferred Professionals the different experiences and expectations they have when changing from one country to another.

It is important to emphasize that in this time of pandemic, changes have been very difficult, especially for couples with young children. During this time we have realized that the expectations for this 2021 are of great uncertainty regarding the transfers since by internal policies of many companies have preferred to keep in waiting their transfers until the situation of the pandemic improves with the vaccine. Likewise, the transferees are very eager to return to the previous reality in order to continue their transfers as in the past. While it is true that today’s work can be done from anywhere you are, the experience of feeling the reality and knowing the culture of each country is not equal to what is known through meetings on any platform. These experiences are what enrich each Transferred Professional to know more in depth the reality of the country where they are transferred.

Once most people have been vaccinated and we are close to having most immunity, companies will have more confidence in activating services. We believe that by the second half of this year services will be gradually activated, once countries make mobility measures more flexible.

We are very confident to continue to offer our service with all our heart to Transferred Professionals so that they feel the warmth of a family in a place far away from home.

LARM, your home away from home!


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