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How to get a work visa in Ecuador?

The Temporary Work Residence Visa is a visa granted by the Ecuadorian State to all foreign persons who wish to establish themselves in Ecuador to carry out activities in a lawful manner, in compliance with Ecuadorian laws, under a dependent relationship with a company and with remuneration.

This visa can be obtained in the zonal coordinates within Ecuador or in the Ecuadorian consular offices abroad.

General requirements such as:

  • Recent passport colour photograph, white background of the applicant.

  • Valid and valid passport, original and copy, at least 6 months in force.

  • Original certificate of criminal record of the country of origin or in which he had resided during the last five years, translated, apostilled or legalized. One hundred and eighty (180) days of validity shall be taken into account, counted from the date of issue of the certificate.

  • Among others.

In the same way, the specific requirements related to the work activity to be carried out in the country must be presented.

Likewise, the specific requirements related to the work activity to be performed in the country must be presented.

This type of visa is valid for two years and can be renewed once, complying with the requirements of the law.

It should be noted that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Human Mobility may request additional requirements that it deems necessary for the granting of this visa.

If you require support on this visa you can write to or contact us through our social networks.

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