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Novenas In Ecuador.

The Christmas Novenas are born in Ecuador with the Ecuadorian mystic and linguist Fray Fernando de Jesús Larrea who was a Franciscan since he was 16 years old in the convent of the Recollection of San Diego in Quito.

In most Ecuadorian houses, at the beginning of December the Christmas tree and the nativity scene or nativity scene are laid. From December 16 to the 24th, we pray to the child Jesus, between carols and prayers about Christmas and love of God. It is a tradition of religiosity that aims to keep families and/or communities together and in turn invites us to reflect on new ways of being supportive. After reciting the novena with joy and enthusiasm, the families gather to drink hot chocolate, coffee, or any drink that is traditional in each family along with pristiños, buñuelos, quimbolitos, biscuits with cinnamon any cake with cinnamon and clove, typical smells of Christmas. In some families after prayer and before the meal the showers of stars are lit while more carols are sung, these showers of stars are sticks with a kind of gunpowder that when ignited emanate sparks that look like stars.

It is a time of recollection, love and opportunity for families to enjoy moments together and to share delicious treats sitting together at the table.

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