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Taxes in Ecuador.

Over time we have talked about different aspects of great importance that make up the transfer to a new country, more specifically to Ecuador. Some of these issues have been migratory processes, cultural adaptation, recommendations to search for housing, search for schools, etc... However, the time has come to talk about a very relevant aspect during your reassignment to Ecuador and it is the issue of taxes.

The first thing you should know is that in Ecuador according to article 4.1 of the Internal Tax Regime Law, tax residents are considered, those people who have stayed in Ecuador including sporadic absences, one hundred eighty-three (183) calendar days or more, consecutive or not, in the same fiscal period. There are also other conditions such as work activity, source of income, etc... that allow to define the tax residence in the country.

Now, being a tax resident in Ecuador forces you to declare income in the country along with complying with other tax obligations such as paying taxes. Some of the main taxes that exist in the country are:

  • Income Tax - Income Tax Caused.

  • Value Added Tax - VAT.

  • Exit Tax.

  • Tax on Special Consumption.

  • Property Tax on Motor Vehicles.

  • Tax Redeemable Plastic Bottles not Returnable.

Compared to the Value Added Tax, it is important to mention that, in the country the tax rate for VAT is 12% and is paid on almost all purchases of goods, imports and services. In terms of exports, food, agricultural inputs, medical goods, books and government purchases this rate is 0%.

Very well, in this way we end the first approach to the issue of taxes in Ecuador. Do not forget to follow us on our social networks such as Instagram and Facebook (LARM_Ecuador), in Linked (LARM Ecuador) and visit our website so you do not miss a single detail.

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