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Why is it important to take a look and see trip?

Time has taught us that an international transfer process is such a great event and of such impact for the families that live it, that likewise, the care and attention that we give to every detail must be the same.

One of the recommendations that we give the most at LARM is that, whenever possible, at least one member of the family is executed, make a reconnaissance trip prior to the destination city to which the family will be permanently transferred. Having a first approach with the destination city allows the family to know in general terms the dynamics of the city. It allows us to understand how big the city is, and how the issue of transportation, distances, living areas, shopping areas, school areas, and others works. This is additionally a time that can be used to learn about the types of housing that are managed in the city. Tall buildings, old houses, country areas, small apartments, among others.

On the other hand, many companies take advantage of the orientation trip in the area as a tool to help the decision-making of the transfer of a collaborator. Well, by presenting the destination in advance and transparently showing its pros and cons, both the employee and their family will be able to make a more accurate transfer decision, which in the future will result in cost reduction and reprocessing.

The LARM family has been supporting and accompanying international transfer processes for families of different nationalities and originating from different countries of the world for more than 25 years. This has allowed us to develop a sense of empathy and sensitivity that leads us to understand in a human way the concerns that may arise in a family that is about to experience an international transfer.

We invite you to contact us and quote our orientation trip service.

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