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Activities to do in the city of Manta.

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

On the central coast of Ecuador, is the port city of Manta, known as a pillar in the country for its tuna fishing industry. It is also home to the popular Murciélago beach, located at the northwestern end of the city along with beautiful beaches such as San Marianita and San Lorenzo.

In the city it is common to find bars and restaurants grouped along the coastal promenade Malecón Escénico. The streets connect the life of the city with the quiet beach of Tarqui, which has a fish market by the sea. Nearby is the Central Bank Museum, which contains pre-Columbian relics of indigenous tribes. Likewise and following the museum route, is to prevent you from the tour of the Municipal Ethnographic Museum Cancebí and also the Museums of history.

Now, if you are a romantic inveterate, you cannot miss the Lighthouse Trail, which offers a spectacular view of the ocean and is the perfect setting to take the most spectacular photos.

Moreover, and like the other cities of Ecuador that we have mentioned so far, the rich gastronomy of Manta is not to be missed, you can eat dishes such as Ceviches, encebollado, hayacas, tongas, broth and dried chicken, corn cake, muchines, corviches, humitas, empanadas de verde, bolones, tortillas de maíz, pan de yuca, dishes prepared with shrimp, fish and octopus.

Finally, you can count on the nightlife in Manta not disappointing and you will spend great moments with friends or family. Also, the local festivals of the city will welcome you to make part of them and enjoy the most during your stay.

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