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Administration and management of relocation adjusted to the needs of transferred professionals who seek to find their home within or outside of Latin America and the Caribbean. 
Recognition Trip

We make an exploration trip to the transferred professional and his family, after identifying their needs, to learn about the country, the city, lifestyle, visit some properties and schools.  This trip is highly recommended as it is an excellent opportunity for them to visualize the life they will have before moving.  


●    We develop the agenda and coordinate the entire tour
●    We give detailed guidance on local customs
●    Delivery of the welcome kit with all the necessary information for the transferred professional and his family
●    We take a tour of the main areas of interest
●    Approach to schools and homes according to the needs of the family


Search for Temporary Accommodation 

We provide assistance to the transferred professional and his family in the search for their temporary home, according to the needs and requirements of the family. 

Definite Housing Search 

We assist the transferred professional and his family in finding housing, as well as orientation and guidance of the city and life in it. 

●    According to the needs we identify houses and/or apartments
●    We schedule and accompany appointments to see them
●    We go through predetermined sectors
●    We negotiate contracts
●    We deliver the property 


Contract Administration 

LARM offers a special service to make their stay easier for our clients and make it more simple, for which we provide assistance during the duration of the rental of properties, we support negotiations, we provide assistance in case of damages, imperfections or repairs, among others.  

Search for Schools and Educational Institutions

We advise and accompany the achievement of schools or institutes.  LARM has the expertise to make this a tolerable and rapid transition process for the children of the transferred professionals.  We provide personalized assistance through a family consultant who will accompany the entire process. 
●    We visit schools and properties according to needs 
●    We coordinate and accompany during all the process of schools selection 
●    We advise on documentation and requirements before the educational institutions. 


Settling In Services and Definite Orientation 

We provide a complete accompaniment so that families can settle in the city in a warm and quiet way.


Advise and support in the purchase and rental of furniture and appliances.  We also accompany in case of necessary arrangements and change of security guards. 

Furniture and Appliances 

We supply information and support in hiring public and subscription services. 

Public and Subscription Services 

We supply information and assistance in filling out insurance forms.


We supply information and assistance to open bank accounts. 


Hiring of Domestic Workers (Maids)


We advise and give information about the legal requirements to hire a domestic worker (maid) in Ecuador.

Driving licence
Departure Program

We advise the transferred professional and his family on their return to the country of origin or new transfer to make it easy, effective and a worries free process.  We take care of: 

●    Cancel all public and subscription services acquired from the corresponding entities.
●    Coordinate the payment of public and private services pending, so that the professional can leave the country in peace
●    Lease cancellation
●    Deliver the property 


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