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Christmas Traditions in Ecuador.

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Christmas is one of the most important times of Christianity, where Christmas traditions and customs are shared with the family, in Ecuador it is customary to carry out various activities that have been adopted over time and that have been passed down from generation to generation. These include the following:

1. Christmas tree.

2. Birth or manger.

3. Exchange of gifts.

4. Novenas.

5. The mass of the rooster or of the child.

6. Carols.

7. Good evening dinner.

As we already know in Christmas tree is decorated with bows, Christmas snaps, candles, Christmas dolls and other ornaments to be lit in the nights and on Good Night Day. For the manger in the homes of Ecuadorian families designate a corner of their homes to be adorned with moss, stones, earth, water fountains, animals in figures and the family Mary, Joseph and the child Jesus at the time of his birth, in the exchange of gifts is better known as the secret friend game in which group of friends or family exchange papers with their names and that each one will get someone to whom they will deliver a present on Christmas Day.

For the novenas this tradition is the one that opens the Christmas season since as its name indicates it is made 9 days before Christmas and ends on December 25 at 12 pm. This consists of families and friends gather in a place and perform prayers, canticos, carols, among other activities.

The Midnight Mass is held on the night of December 25 in all churches and consecutively until January 6 mass is held in honor of the child Jesus with this act is received the Christmas and represents the birth of the child Jesus.

The Christmas carols are Christmas songs that are sung from the beginning of the novena until the day of the good night and are sung for the celebration of the birth of the child Jesus is a custom that has been given since the middle age in which prophets announced the birth or the arrival of the savior.

On the 25th of December at 12 o'clock in the morning there is a dinner in which it is customary to eat stuffed turkey and wine to accompany, this dinner begins at 12 o'clock in the evening after congratulations, hugs and so on.

By regions in Ecuador we can also mention some special activities:

- Carchi: They put lights around the city and in the Central Park of the city of Mira, they decorate the natural Christmas tree.

- In Ambato is held the fair of the traditional buñuelos, tamales, empanadas de morocho and other sweets promoted by merchants with more than 60 years of culinary tradition

- In Bolivar and Cuenca the Child passes take the streets of Guaranda and Cuenca located in the Historic Center, celebrate it 15 days before Christmas, the parades of children dressed as shepherds, wise men, angels, The Virgin Mary, Saint Joseph and the Child Jesus are some of the characters they imitate.

-In Loja they place the largest manger in Ecuador This city elaborates one of the largest mangers in Latin America, with 220 m2 based on recyclable materials that recreates impressive scenarios that tell the story of Christ, occurred more than 2,000 years ago.

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