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End of year traditions in Ecuador.

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

The closing of 2022 is coming and, in the country, the Ecuadorian homes are preparing the houses, the dinner of end of year and some last details for the Ecuadorian traditions that can not miss.

This article will focus on the latter. As in many Latin American homes, Ecuador has an old list of traditions for Christmas and year-end. Among them we can find:

1. Burning the old year doll: Families usually make a doll with old clothes, newspaper, sawdust, etc... He tries to emulate some public figure of the country. With this symbolism they try to leave behind the sorrows of the year that ends.

2. Widows and Testament: These two traditions go hand in hand with the burning of the Old Year Men, young men and children wearing women’s clothes jokingly to say goodbye to the Old Year and also some people are drafting a "Testament" to leave things for family and friends in the new year.

3. 12 grapes: Like other countries in the region, it is customary to eat 12 grapes and for each ask a wish for the new year.

4. Running around the neighborhood with a travel bag: This tradition is focused on guaranteeing many trips for the new year. So the person should run with a suitcase traveling around the neighborhood.

5. Wearing colored underwear: Some people usually wear red underwear to attract love and others yellow to attract abundance in the new year.

There are several very unique traditions of Ecuador to celebrate these dates, if it is your first time in the country we encourage you to perform in family any of them.

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