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How do we prepare to receive you and your family?

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

As a result of globalization, today many companies face the challenge of mobilizing a member of their workforce abroad for a time. This displacement represents a challenge at a social, cultural and economic level and that is why it must be faced with a global vision. This challenge is the reason for being of companies like LARM, where we offer companies a relocation package so that expatriates, through our accompaniment and empathy, can easily adapt to the new work and geographic environment.

There are many elements that we take into account at LARM Ecuador from the moment we are assigned a relocation service. First, we discuss with the company what is the best service package that we can offer to the professional according to its needs: schools, universities, housing, driver's license, cultural training, moving support, furniture purchase, etc. Once we have this clear as a company, the case is assigned to a Relocation Specialist who is in charge of the process and who has an initial conference with the transferred professional to inform him of the service that is going to be provided and go into the details that allow us to know more in depth what the professional is looking for in terms of education, housing and others.

Subsequently, we assign a Consultant to our case with whom we met and explain in detail the requirements determined above. Our Consultant is in charge of preparing a preliminary agenda with the characteristics of the schools and homes and attaches to it some examples of housing that we believe meet the needs of the expatriate. Today we use tools that allow us to clarify the location of homes, schools, offices and thus provide real support from the first moment. With this pre-agenda we obtain feedback from our client to start the final search for housing and schools or others. We always maintain communication with the professional and his family via mail and through chat.

A few days prior to the arrival to the country of the professional and his family, we proceed to prepare our final agenda for both, properties and meetings in schools and send it via email. We are now ready for arrival and on the corresponding day we pick up the expatriate and family at the hotel where they are staying, welcoming with our welcome kit that contains a series of gifts and information about the city. Our goal is for you to feel like family with us.

LARM, your home away from home!


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