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How is Halloween celebrated in Ecuador?

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

One of the most anticipated celebrations for children arrives and is the Halloween or children’s day as it is also usually known.

On this magical night, both children and young adults personify through various animal costumes, movie characters, singers, celebrities, cartoons, etc... In order to collect the most sweets in recognition of the creativity of your costume.

Now, with your transfer to the city of Ecuador, this holiday is no exception, so today we tell you how is Halloween celebrated in Ecuador?

1. Initially, some urbanizations and neighbourhoods are enhanced in the decoration of Halloween, with large cobwebs, witches, skulls, bats and pumpkins.

2. For children, parents often improvise or buy the costume of their children’s favorite animated character and also in schools designate a day to receive infants and celebrate their day.

3. For the elderly, bars and clubs also hold various festivities and often give financial prizes for the best individual costume, as a couple or group.

4. The malls are not far behind and invest great efforts in the decoration of the facilities and on 31 October they hire shows for children, where they raffle prizes and surprises.

5. This holiday is usually celebrated mostly in urban areas of Ecuador. In rural areas it is not so common to find activities related to Halloween.

We hope that this year you encourage yourself to participate with your family, choose the best costume, go out to impress and whoever collects more sweets, will win!

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