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Identification Code for Foreigners

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

This procedure is aimed at assigning an identification code to foreign citizens resident in Ecuador for the purpose of securing insurance at the Ecuadorian Social Security Institute.

The Ecuadorian Social Security Institute makes available to foreigners the services of insurance, advice and control of employers, so that they can be favored by this institution.

During the process of obtaining a visa and subsequently an Ecuadorian identity card for foreigners who are established regularly in the country, the Ecuadorian laws from the National Constitution to the Regulations on Insurance and Management of the IESS establish that social security is an inalienable right of all persons and is a duty and responsibility of the State, which is governed by the principles of solidarity and obligation, universality and equity, among others, for the attention of individual and collective needs.

Therefore, the public or private employer is obliged to affiliate all those citizens who present services or perform works from the first day until the last day they work effectively and the IESS will generate these Identification Codes for foreigners who are dependent and do not have an identity card.

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