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Mother’s Day in Ecuador!

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

No matter where we are, for us there will always be a date that we carry in our heart and that is not necessary to mark it in a calendar to remember the celebration of the most important being that exists in our lives, Our moms!

In Ecuador, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May. It is a day of family union, which is celebrated with much love. It’s a date when a high percentage of families go out to restaurants, clear before the pandemic. Also the stores had a lot of demand for people looking for a gift for their mothers, now it has been switched to online offers by social networks.

We should have taught Mom and Grandma how to connect by video call in order to bring them a message of love in their day, because we learned that for the first time, being away is the greatest act of love that we can have with them in the current situation worldwide.

There are families who choose to meet at the home of a relative so that the mother on that day does not have to do any work and can enjoy a day in the company of the whole family. It is a very fortunate day for the people we still have in our lives that special being who teaches us day by day what unconditional love and purity of generosity means.

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