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Partner’s process in an international transfer.

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

For a transferred professional it is a great privilege and a great challenge to be chosen by your company to be relocated to another country. With the relocation, a new facet begins in his personal, family and work life.

Likewise, this relocation is a great challenge for the spouse and/or partner of the transferred professional, since in this case, he or she has to have an open mind to start this path that brings new opportunities and, likewise, requires reinventing oneself, breaking with paradigms and be willing to accept the changes that are gradually presenting themselves.

This process requires that decisions be made based on accompaniment and change of life from the personal, family and professional ambit. It is a great change: a new country, a new city and a new culture to discover. This change can lead to giving up a job and even a profession, therefore, you have to reinvent yourself to grow and strengthen the talents you have in order to start a new life project and above all to fully and harmoniously enjoy this great opportunity that has been presented.

Some of the suggestions for the couple when accepting the challenge of relocation are:

1. Approach the embassy of your country to contact compatriots who live in the city.

2. Start or continue the professional or technical studies that they wish to deepen.

3. Enroll in academies that are of interest to you: languages, crafts, cooking, history, sports.

4. Join a non-profit foundation to support those who have little or nothing.

5. Validate your professional titles.

6. Continue contributing for your retirement in your country

7. And as a last suggestion, avoid comparing between your country of origin and the country you are in in order to fully live this new life experience!

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