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Protection visas in Ecuador.

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Protection or Amparo visas in Ecuador are a category of temporary residence visa granted by the Ecuadorian government to citizens of other countries who have a link with Ecuadorian visa holders or to foreign citizens who are at risk in their country of origin.

Currently, under Ecuadorian immigration regulations, there are temporary and permanent protection visas for family members of visa holders such as children, spouses or couples in legal union, legally recognized, who intend to settle in Ecuador under the protection of the holder of a migration category.

In accordance with the foregoing and under this modality, persons with protection visas shall have the same immigration status as the visa of the person protected and shall be granted for the remaining period to expire the temporary residence visa of the citizen covered by.

On the other hand amparo visas in Ecuador can also be requested by any foreign citizen who is at risk in his country of origin. To apply for this visa, it is necessary to submit an application to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, along with a copy of the documentation proving the risk situation in which the applicant is.

Once granted the visa of amparo, the foreign citizen has the right to reside in Ecuador for a period of two years. During this period, a foreign citizen may engage in any lawful activity in the country.

Other important features of this type of visa is that it allows multiple entries and can be requested before a Zonal Coordination within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Ecuador or in an Ecuadorian Consulate abroad.

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