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Recommendations for traveling with children.

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Making the decision to go on a trip with children means taking into account a series of actions to make this adventure or trip truly enjoyable, and so that both children and adults enjoy this experience to the fullest. Below, we share some recommendations to keep in mind:

Research on the place to be visited, its climate, sites of interest and conditions of the country or city, are some of the points to take into account, in order to define the type of costume and the essential accessories to wear, such as pool inflators, mosquito repellent or cold coats.

List of earrings and suitcase opened prior to the trip to record all the articles and documents required and also, go storing in the suitcase the items that are considered important to take and thus avoid stress at the last minute.

A traveling medicine cabinet is always recommended "just in case" there is a scrape, a fall, a stomachache or a slight discomfort.

All-in-one entertainment with card games (type ONE), colors and book to paint or to make challenges (mazes, letter soups) in order to make more pleasant the tedious moments while waiting for food in the restaurant, travel on the plane or wait at the airport.

Light lunch box for plane or car trips to avoid complex moments due to hunger or tiredness.

Active breaks on the journey and stops on long journeys are necessary for both children and parents, so that everyone can rest and discover unexpected places and meals, and equally, while the tour is done in the vehicle can be made dynamic as "the one that more cars find of a certain color", "look for even or odd vehicle plates" or create among all fantastic stories.

There are many items that can be salvation on a trip and more if you take the children, among these items is a small seamstress with thread, needle, clothes hook; plastic resealable bags; nail kit; sunscreen; repellent; pashmina for cold on the plane, the beach, or to wear; caps or hats; wet wipes, a small flashlight and of course, the Biosecurity Kit with mouth cap, gel and alcohol so that the boys are aware that their use is everywhere and at all times.

Let yourself be surprised and enjoy just like children for And finally, take or rent the safety seat for vehicles since the safety of children cannot be improvised.

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