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Residence Visa for Beneficiaries.

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

The Residence Visa for Beneficiaries for all Categories, is the authorization of temporary residence granted by the Ecuadorian state, to foreign persons, children, spouse or partner in common law union, legally recognized, who intend to settle in the country under the protection of the holder of a migratory category provided for in Article 60 of the Organic Law on Human Mobility.

Article 60 of the Organic Law on Human Mobility establishes the conditions and categories of visas that allow a foreigner to stay in Ecuadorian territory for two years with the authorization of the State.

The Residence Visa for Beneficiaries applies to family members of professionals transferred to Ecuador as beneficiaries or dependents, and may establish themselves in Ecuadorian territory to carry out lawful activities.

It is necessary to present general requirements such as the following:

  • Color photograph type recent passport, white background of the applicant.

  • Valid and valid passport, original and copy, at least 6 months in force.

  • Regular stay in the country where the visa applies, if from an Ecuadorian consulate abroad.

  • Original certificate of criminal record of the country of origin or in which he had resided during the last five years, translated, apostilled or legalized.

  • Prove the lawful means of subsistence of the applicant.

It should be noted that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Human Mobility or the official who is carrying out the implementation process may request additional requirements that it considers necessary for the granting of this visa.

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