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The Ecuadorian Visa Types

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

All persons who wish to settle in the Ecuadorian territory for a short period of time or temporarily or permanently, must opt for one of the following types of visa:

- Temporary Resident Visa: It is the authorization to stay in the Ecuadorian territory, for space of two years, subject to renewal only once, granted to those foreign citizens who belong to the following categories: Workers, Rentiers, Retirees, Investors, Scientists, Religious, Athletes, Students, Volunteers, among others. They must comply with the requirements established in the law according to their category in order to have a temporary residence permit.

- Permanent Residence Visa: It is the authorization to stay in the Ecuadorian territory indefinitely, provided that it meets one of the following conditions:

  • Complete twenty-one months with the Temporary Residence and submit the application for Permanent Residence, prior to the expiration of the Temporary Residence.

  • Have contracted marriage or maintain a de facto union with an Ecuadorian citizen.

  • Be a minor or have a disability and depend on an Ecuadorian citizen or a foreigner who already has permanent residence.

  • To be a relative up to the second degree of consanguinity or affinity of an Ecuadorian citizen or a foreigner who already has permanent residence.

  • Comply with the requirements established by law in each of the cases.

- Diplomatic Visa: This is the migratory authorization offered by the Ecuadorian State to exercise official functions by diplomatic, consular or international agents, duly accredited by the Ecuadorian State.

- Humanitarian Visa: It is granted by the highest authority of human mobility, which authorizes to stay in Ecuador, to applicants for international protection given some conditions or problems in their countries of origin.

- Emergency Temporary Resident Visa: This is the exceptional immigration status granted to a foreigner, subject to the qualification and authorization of the highest immigration authority, to stay in Ecuador for up to two years.

- Tourist Visas: Granted to all foreign persons from countries determined by the Ecuadorian State, where it is strictly prohibited to carry out work activities.

Within the Tourist Visa category there are the following subcategories:

• Temporary Visitor Visa Award 90 days.

• Granting of Temporary Visitor Visa Tourist Extension, this request is made once the first 90 days have been completed as a tourist.

• Granting of a Special Temporary Tourist Visitor Visa: This immigration authorization is requested once the two subcategories mentioned above have been completed.

People who do not need a visa to enter Ecuadorian territory as tourists on the basis of the human mobility policy, are granted a permit to stay in the country at immigration control points, It is usually 180 days depending on your nationality some require a renewal in the offices of the Migration Police after the first 90 days.

-Visa by Convention: This is the authorization granted to nationals of the States with which Ecuador has signed international instruments, to stay in Ecuadorian territory for the period established in that instrument.

It should be noted that each of these visas has its own special conditions of stay outside Ecuadorian territory once these visas have been granted to foreign citizens who request them, in the case of having a temporary residence visa, he may not stay abroad for more than 90 days in the first or second year and in the case of having a permanent residence visa, the citizen may not stay more than 180 days outside the Ecuadorian territory in the first or second year of its obtaining otherwise may be subject to fines or other sanctions determined by law.

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