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The importance of planning a move with anticipation.

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

An international transfer can be a stress-generating process, so it is essential to plan ahead for this process.

Likewise, when the transfer is done with the family, this process tends to be a little more complex because many questions arise about whether the decisions made are the right ones for the family.

It is very important to have a travel plan to know the culture and the country where it will be established for a considerable time, so it is essential to have a prior visit to the place where it will be your new home and get to know the culture more closely, the most suitable people and places to live for a foreigner. With the anticipation of the case you can make better decisions and with the help of LARM the process becomes easier and more comfortable.

The experience of working for more than 20 years with people from different cultures has given us enough practice to best advise transferred professionals and their families. For these families it is super important to have people who give them all their support in a sincere and friendly way. Feeling the confidence that is given helps them make decisions more securely so that they can live in their new place as if they were at home.

LARM, your home away from home!


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