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Tourist Destination: Mitad del mundo city.

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

As we have seen, Ecuador is a country with a wonderful natural wealth that shelters a great variety of animals and plants of the country that highlight the mysterious beauty of the Ecuadorian land. Likewise, Ecuador has magical places that neither you nor your family can miss during your stay in our country.

Today we will talk about the Mitad del Mundo City, a tourist attraction that over time has begun to gain greater relevance for travelers who come to Ecuador. One of the qualities of the monument that was built in the city and for which it gets its name is the opportunity to photograph you in the two hemispheres at the same time, there is also a very fun practice where tourists can level an egg on a nail without needing to hold it and when weighing you will have a kilogram less unlike other places.

In addition, with knowing the monument that refers to the two hemispheres, North and South, separated by the equinoccial line, in the internal part of the monument is the Equatorial Museum full of stories that narrate the traditions of the Ecuadorian culture. You can also find restaurants nearby so you can let yourself delight in our gastronomy and don’t want to leave!

Now that you know the unique features of this unique place, we tell you the recommendations you should follow to get there:

  • Do not take the Half World feeders that arrive at La Pampa and the Bicentennial city this is before you reach the Half of the World.

  • If you’re taking San Carlos buses, make sure it’s only one of those that go down to Shoping County, don’t take the other routes.

  • If you go by car, the place has several parking lots nearby.

Do not miss this and more adventures you will have when relocating to Ecuador, we are sure that you will create memories for life.

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