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Tourist destination: Tena.

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Tena is one of the most visited cities by foreigners and nationals for tourism, especially for people who like nature and adventure sports. Tena is located in the Ecuadorian East about 3 and a half hours from the capital Quito.

The best places to visit are the Caverns of Jumandy, Misahualli, Ahuano, Pano, Alto Tena, The Islands of Love, the Ropes, Cotundo, Archidona, Terere among others. There are many accommodations of all price according to the budget of each family. The residents are very friendly you can share with the Sinchi Sacha to see their dances and taste their chicha. Remember to bring your camera because being in nature there are incredible landscapes.

You will find a great variety of animal species, plants and flowers. You can navigate the Napo River and contemplate the beauty of nature, depending on the season you can observe the pink defines, visit some waterfalls such as the Alto Pusuno waterfall in Misahualli. You can taste delicious dishes typical of the area such as the maito de Tilapia and listen to some of the stories of the elderly with their incredible stories of the past. It is a great place to practice rafting, kayaking, tubing, canyoning trekking, these sports are recommended to do with the company of an experienced Guide.

This city is for all ages as there are attractions for different tastes such as immerse yourself in the silence of nature or enjoy the diversions offered by the city with parties and discos.

This natural paradise in Ecuador is a place you cannot miss!

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