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What is it like to become an Ecuadorian?

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Becoming an Ecuadorian is, in addition to obtaining a passport or nationality, wanting to be part of Ecuadorian culture, wanting to travel and know more about it.

Ecuador is a very diverse country, of incomparable beauty, with virgin beaches, spectacular jungle, majestic mountains and volcanoes, friendly people in the 4 cardinal points and above all a country where there is much to explore and discover.

Becoming an Ecuadorian is playing carnival with foam, water, flour, eggs, etc. That is: Canguil instead of popcorn, that is, sacapuntas instead of sharpener and zapallo instead of auyama. Be part of customs such as burning puppets on December 31 of each year. Get used to the "Ecuadorian time" and do not protest if you are invited to a meeting or have agreed to meet with more people and you are the first or the first to arrive.

Feeling Ecuadorian at heart is celebrating the different traditions of Ecuador in certain months of the year such as La Colada Morada, Guagas de Pan, Inti Raymi, etc.

To conclude we can say that during our experience as an expert company in global mobility, 90% of families who have lived in Ecuador for more than 2 years, agree that they really feel Ecuadorian and their experience has been unique since they have had the opportunity to live quietly and have felt at home.

Ecuador is a small country with a big heart!

LARM, your home away from home!


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