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What is the SENESCYT?

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

SENESCYT is the Secretariat of Higher Education Science Technology and Innovation, is one of the three bodies that make up the system of Higher Education in Ecuador, which has as its main function to coordinate actions between the executive and the institutions of the Higher Education System, in the same way to increase and promote research, science and technology projects and their links with the academic and productive sector, as well as ensuring equitable access to free higher education.

Among the functions of SENESCYT we could mention:

  • Identify careers and programs of public interest according to the plans of the nation.

  • Design, manage and coordinate the National Information Systems (SNIESE) and Levelling and Admission (SNNA) of Higher Education in the country.

  • Design, administer and implement the Government’s scholarship policy for higher education.

In the field of Public Policy in the areas of Science, Technology and Innovation, the following tasks are governed:

  • To coordinate and articulate actions between the academic, research, public and private productive sectors.

  • Approval of national plans for research, science and technology.

  • To link through its various secretariats the areas of technical training, music arts and pedagogy at professional level.

SENESCYT is also responsible for the Registry of National and Foreign Degrees, issued by Higher Education Institutions, recognized by the Ecuadorian State.

It is an institution whose vision is to be recognized as the reference entity in the strengthening, articulation and collective construction of the system of higher education, science, technology, innovation and ancestral knowledge. However, President-elect Guillermo Lasso has declared as one of his first actions to present: "A project to reform the Organic Law of Higher Education (LOES), to make feasible its proposal to eliminate the Secretariat of Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation (Senescyt)". ( Diario el Comercio2021).

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Source: Diario el Comercio, 12 abril 2021.


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