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Relocation recommendations by 2023.

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

If you are thinking of moving to Ecuador this year, here are some recommendations that you will surely need for your transfer to the best way:

1. Read carefully about the country. Before you decide to move, it’s important to research the country, its customs, culture, and climate.

2. Make your relocation process early. Be sure to advance your migration processes at the same time as you will need this documentation to move forward with the purchase or lease processes of your next home.

3.Periodically check the market price. The behavior of the real estate industry, inflation, political and social aspects of the country affect the price of real estate and can make it difficult to find housing.

4. Time is also important for your international move. According to our experience, these can take up to 4 months to reach the country due to issues such as the existing container crisis. Likewise, your immigration documentation will be required for the nationalization of your move.

5. Learn Spanish if not your mother tongue. It is important that you learn the local language to communicate with people in Ecuador.

6. Take your cash. In Ecuador you cannot pay by credit card in all places, so it is important that you bring your cash.

If you need support and advice with your move to the country do not hesitate to contact us by clicking here.

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